shallow to deep learning!

This blog is about learning statistics and data science. The core idea is deep learning. However, this is not about deep learning as we understand in the field of Data Science. Rather, the purpose here is to express deep learning in the sense of learning something at the core. In other words, learning and taking it from shallow to a deeper level of understanding.

We are all learners. Some of us are deep learner.

Of course learning the technologies, i.e., data science, in particular, will be a major focus of our articles. Most importantly, statistical thinking will be at the core.

It is worth mentioning that many aspects of data science overlap with what has been there for over hundred years. Statisticians played and continue to play a central role in knowledge discovery from data. However, a new era has emerged with a massive amount of data from almost every aspect of our lives. Thus, it has opened many new possibilities where the use of deep learning techniques has become essential.

In short, problems that statisticians solve are, by and large, different than the problems that artificial intelligence community solves.

Both have their places and relevance in the present time.